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Philips Connectivity (DCO)»Downloading Lite Entry Orders
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Last modified on 10/23/2014 2:04 PM by User.


Downloading Lite Entry Orders

****This feature is no longer available to Philips (DCO) Agents.****

To download Light Entry orders, select the Orders section of OASIS, then select “DCO,” then “Download Light Entry Orders:”

In release W442A1 and later, we added a new date filter menu item that will drop all POs and Invoices after the set date. This date will not auto move right now as we don't have enough information on how often the file is updated, etc.  (Under the DCO menu look for "Set DCO Download Date Filter".)


The process is currently in the foreground, blocking activity in OASIS until the process completes. During the download, OASIS will receive the EDI transaction. If the transaction may be uniquely added to the OASIS database, the OASIS order is created and the EDI data stream is added to the OASIS attachments.

However, if the order can not be created in OASIS, then the order is added to the order download folder. From here, you are able to use the “Create Matching OASIS Transaction” menu under the tools menu to identify the customer or other data required to apply the order to the OASIS database:


We do recommend creating, moving or deleting all transactions from the download folder. The result is slower speeds in OASIS and confusion as to what information is available.