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Philips Connectivity (DCO)»Sending RFQ's
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Sending RFQ's

This article covers sending an RFQ to Philips it assumes that the agency has set up Philips (DCO) connectivity.  If you need assistance, please contact support.

To send the request to Philips from OASIS, Just key the quote as normal. 

Add the MFG Target price to send a price (unit level) to Philips, if desired. Then print the quote, selecting "Print Manufacturer Request for Quotation."  Select the Philips brands.

Important note: Please select the "Output to" as "Excel" or "Send Message (Excel)". This will create an Excel file required by Philips.

Click next


OASIS will allow you to enter a stamp and a message to the manufacturer. 


If target prices were not entered, OASIS will ask if the user wants to copy the prices in the sell column into the Manufacturer Target column. Select either option as desired. (The feature is typically used when the agency is required to expose unit level pricing to the distributor and/or contractor.)

The OASIS send message window will now appear. Ensure the email address of your Philips quoter is in the "To" field and then press "SEND".