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Philips Connectivity (DCO)»Setting up Pricing
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Setting up Pricing

****This feature is no longer available to Philips (DCO) Agents.****

OASIS pricing can be set up to be downloaded automatically or by manual download.  Two things are needed to map pricing:

  • The brand mapping in the manufacturer entry 
  • The "Enable auto price downloads" check box (Needed for Automatic Pricing Download only)

Each brand must be set up individually.  Open the manufacturer entry and click on "Configure Specialization."

  • Press “Configure Specialization” to view the settings. Each OASIS workgroup will be displayed. (For most groups “TRTY” will be a “demo” entry that is not used.) Key the DCO rep number and password for the corresponding territory(s) in OASIS.  DO NOT key Rep as part of the rep number. ONLY the number is required. 


  • Click "Add Brand" and select the corresponding entry:


    Agents with more than one Territory

    If an agent has more than one territory AND has different territory pricing in each,  the agent will have to set up mulitple price lists so that OASIS can map the pricing to the correct territory. Please contact support for assistance.