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Last modified on 11/3/2014 10:00 AM by User.

Philips Pricing


Philips price lists are now emailed each Friday as a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is pre-formatted and may be easily loaded into OASIS.

Required release: W576D1


The Philips brands must be setup with the "DCO" connectivity specialization and the Philips brands must be mapped to the OASIS Brands. For more information, see the setup wiki: Setting up Philips Brands in OASIS


Loading the data is done by:

  1.  Save the PRCGDRep.csv to your desktop
  2. Drag and drop the PRCGDRep.csv from your desktop to the OASIS Pricing application as shown


During the loading process, the screen will temporarily freeze while processing (a progress bar is scheduled to be added at a later date). Once complete, a status window will show the number of records updated.

It is normal for there to be a few entries in "The following brands are not setup properly" message. The entries with a dash can be ignored. In the example above, FORE and STON have not been mapped to an OASIS manufacturer and the related data was not loaded.

Some users may like to alter which price columns are pulled when a quote or an order is keyed in OASIS. Simply open the price list associated with the Philips brand and setup as one would with any other price list in OASIS.


If you get the zero rows processed message:

  • Check to make sure you are running release W576D1 or later. You are able to see the release from the Help->About window on any screen in OASIS.