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Last modified on 8/28/2015 10:01 AM by User.

Setting up Philips Brands in OASIS

This document covers how to set up your Philips (DCO) brands in OASIS for connectivity with their system. Agents need to set up a Philips "Parent" brand and all of the "children" brands.  Agents will be able to "merge" brands to send a single order for all brands.


All agents must have a parent entry this assists with reporting and allows multiple brands to be ordered on the same order. Open OASIS and go to the Manufacturers application. Search for your parent manufacturer entry (typically Philips) and open it. Change the Active option to "Parent (Shown)" and check the "Merge Brands" box. Choose DCO as the specialization.


Click “Configure Specialization” to view the settings. You will need to map the equivalent Philips code to your OASIS entry. Click the Add Brand button to get a list of entries from Philips, then select the brand code for Philips.


On the rare occasion where a user has to manually add a brand, they will be notified what code should be used by Philips or OASIS.  The process is as follows: 

  • Click on the "Add Brand" button.
  • OASIS will bring up the code list.  
  • Click on the "Manual" tab.  
  • Type in the code given by DCO and click the "Add" button 
  • Click "Ok."


Customer Account Numbers

If orders are to be sent directly to Philips, then all customer accounts need to be added to the “Accounts” tab of the manufacturer editor of the parent entry.  Contact Philips for the account list (or use invoices from Philips).

Go to the Accounts tab, and click on the Add Customer button.


OASIS will bring up the following customer selection dialog box.  Select the customer and click "Ok."


OASIS will add that customer to the accounts tab.  Type in the Account number in the account field. Continue until all of your customers have been added. 


Child Brands

We recommend setting up a manufacturer entry for each child brand. Choose Philips as the parent company and click "Merge Brands" to send a single order for all lines. Change the Specialization to DCO and click "Configure Specialization."


 Select "Map Brands".  Click "Add Brand" and select the corresponding entry:


Non-branded Pricing

When downloading price lists, some items do not have a brand. These items must be mapped to an entry in OASIS. We recommend using the configuration screen above, map that brand to the appropriate manufacturer or the parent company, Philips (which shows when "Add Brand" in the window above is selected).

The next price file download will then load the non-branded items into the parent company.