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Jobs by Specifier Report
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Jobs by Specifier Report


The ability to add Specifiers to jobs helps with the project management, but adding the specifiers to jobs can also allow you to produce reports to know where your business is coming from. When specifiers are added they follow the job through the entire process downstream (orders, invoices, etc). So if you wanted to see a report like “All jobs last year in did with ABC Architects involved”. This report will give you that information.


Running the report


Go to the Reports section.

Then, on the Menu bar, click Worksheets, and select Top-Down Reporting.


In the TopDown reporting window, change the report to Quote Detail.





 - Set the “Order By” to “Project” and the Timeframe as needed.

Step 1 – Drag and drop the “Specifier” field to the Report Grouping area. (Report Grouping will report one group basically per page).  Using a half circle move, as shown below.

Step 2 - This causes the Select Values window to appear.

Step 3 – In the Select Values window, select the Role (Specifier type) needed. Then, to select a specifier, double-click one or more specifiers OR highlight a specifier(s) needed and then click the “<” sign. Moving items to the “Show…” side will allow OASIS to report by each selection.


Step 4 – Click OK, the specifier plus all selected specifiers will show in the Report Grouping area.

Step 5 – then un-check “Filter Selected Values” at the top in the header area (this allows full value of the quote to be reported)


Step 6 – Drag & drop “Job Name” from the Fields area to the Row Headings area and it will replace Manufacturers



Step 7 – then click Update (upper left of the screen)


Example of the report below showing each specifier selected will have its own report showing all the jobs where this specifier was involved.


To save this report for future use, Saving Reports in OASIS.