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Manufacturer Connectivity»User Guides for the Eaton Spec…»Accepting an Eaton RFQ
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Last modified on 10/5/2016 11:47 AM by User.

Accepting an Eaton RFQ

Once the quote response is complete, you will receive an email (just like you would if the RFQ had been entered in Flash). Import the quote response from Flash by pressing the “RFQ” button at the top of the quote or project screen in OASIS. When the RFQ button is pressed, the Flash server is scanned for any updates to the RFQ response. (Yellow indicates OASIS already has a response from Flash, but an update request is used to make sure the most up-to-date information is available.)

When the RFQ button is pressed, the Flash server is scanned for the most recent Flash quotes associated with the OASIS quote. If multiple quotes are found, a quote list is shown to choose from. Once a quote is selected, the RFQ response screen is shown:

The response screen can be used to append or merge the Flash quote to the OASIS quote. Additionally, different pricing and data may be imported as required. For Flash quote imports, we recommend the following be checked for most quote imports:

  •  Sell
  •  OBase
  •  Import manufacturer cat #

In this case, we will append the Flash quote to the OASIS quote. (Note, the OASIS “move row up” and “move row down” may be used to reposition imported lines from the flash quote):

As part of the import process, the Flash quote number is inserted into the OASIS “MFG Quote” column. At this point, the quote maybe adjusted as required. However, any change to the imported lines is considered a potential discrepancy and may be rejected by Flash when ordered. (This is true for any quote from any manufacturer.) Changing the quantity, catalog number, or price will turn that column red:

Notes: The information is retained as an OASIS attachment and the information may be printed (just the response shows in that case). It is common to forget to review the "MFG Notes" tab. Important information from Eaton may be there.