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Manufacturer Connectivity»User Guides for the Eaton Spec…»Sending an RFQ to Eaton
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Sending an RFQ to Eaton


Sending the Request

To send the request to Flash from OASIS, just key the quote as normal.

Flash does require the following information to successfully send an RFQ.  

  • Project City
  • Project State
  • Bid Date that is in the future.


Add the MFG Target price to send a price (unit level) to Flash, if desired. Then print the quote, selecting "Print Manufacturer Request for Quotation". Select the Eaton "Brands" and complete the print as normal.

If target prices were not entered, OASIS will ask if the user wants to copy the prices in the sell column into the Manufacturer Target column.  Select either option as desired. 

OASIS will ask whether to send the RFQ direct to the factory.  Select yes.  

OASIS will show a preview of the RFQ (Eaton receives data rather than a printed copy of the information.)
Select "Send Now"



OASIS will bring up a window with the Eaton Flash specific information. Users have the option to submit or to save only and submit from Flash.

  • Users will have to select and application to send the RFQ
  • National Account will only need to be selected if it applies
  • Specifier information is required for RFQ's over $20,000.00
  • It is not necessary to select the "New Flash Quote" UNLESS the user is resending the same RFQ to Eaton and does not want it to be considered to be a revision of the earlier RFQ.  


Once Submit is selected the following occurs:

1.  Your login is used to access Flash (you may be asked for a password if yours has changed).

2.  If a corresponding project is not already in Flash, a new one is created.

3.  The quote bill of material is used to create a new quote in Flash, referencing the corresponding project.

4.  The quote is submitted for review.