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Last modified on 7/13/2012 2:12 PM by User.


Hold and Partially Released Orders


HLI does not accept hold orders but users can transmit partially released orders following this process.  HLI needs to be set up for recapping change orders.  Please see the setup section for a helpsheet on this.  

Creating the Hold order

Create the hold order and print a copy for your records.  

OASIS will not show the Send Direct Option. Instead it will show the "Send Order" option.  This order must be considered "transmitted" even though you cannot send it to HLI.  Users can print a pdf or hard copy for their files. 


Users can print an internal copy allowing OASIS to consider it to be transmitted. 

Click "Ok"


Transmitting the Partially Released Order

Make your releases of the items to be shipped now and then click on the "Print" button. 

 OASIS should give you the "Send Direct" option.  Click "Ok"

OASIS will give you the preview screen.  Click "Send Now" to transmit to HLI when satisfied with the order.