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Pricing inside of a Quote
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Last modified on 7/13/2012 8:40 AM by User.


Pricing inside of a Quote

Once a user has downloaded the Hubbell pricing,  OASIS will automatically pull in pricing into both quotes and orders.  OASIS has color coding inside of the quote to assist users in determining the status of the pricing. 

Coloring of Prices

For Quotes and the price lookup screen, colors are used to indicate whether a price is current, below a known price, or if the pricing in OASIS is out of date:

  • RED: OASIS has a price for an item and the price is not out of date, but it is lower than the price that would be populated automatically in the quote. (Quote Path)
  • ORANGE: the price in OASIS is out of date - an attempt will be made to update the price. NOTE: the price on the quote will not auto update, just the price in the price list will be updated.
  • GREEN: OASIS has a price for the item and is up-to-date. Additionally, the price on the quote is equal to or above the default sell price for the item (the Quote Path price).
  • If no price list is active, or if no end date is setup for the price, then the price will appear as black on a white background.