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How do I send a TOPS order?
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Last modified on 7/12/2012 2:24 PM by User.


How do I send a TOPS order?


Sending TOPS Orders

Sending TOPS orders is the same no matter what brands are contained in the order. This article assumes that the user set up the contractor with their corresponding SAP account number which is necessary for this process. 

When creating the order – just add the contractor (you will be prompted for job orders if this is not done – but it is a soft prompt that can be ignored if the order is not for the TOPS program). (Soft prompting is for HLI orders only, not for other manufacturers.):


Next, click on the add button, then right click on the role to change one of the entries to contractor as shown above.

Finally, select the contractor and contractor contact for the PO. You will likely need to click on the “turn” control to show the contacts for the contractor:

The screen should now show the contractor and the contractor’s PO number:

Enter the order as normal. When printing the order, “Code as TOPS” is added to the order, indicating it is a TOPS order: