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Linear Lighting»Bringing in the Linear Quote
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Bringing in the Linear Quote

Returning data to OASIS

Currently, the quote is emailed to you after the quotation process is completed. To load the responses into OASIS, the attachment(s) must be saved to the users desktop:

Open the job and go to the Attachments tab. Click the New button on the toolbar and select "Attach File"

Browse for the file, highlight it and click Open or OK.

NOTE - The PDF files will be made available for the Send Message feature in OASIS if needed.

Integrating Linear Quote

While in the OASIS quote, press the “RFQ” button on the tool bar:

If only one quote response is available, then that response will be shown. However, if multiple responses are available, a listing showing each response and the corresponding manufacturer.

The RFQ Viewer shows the manufacturer’s quote and the agencies quote merged together. This is done before any data is copied into the OASIS quote, allowing the user to make decisions about where to place the manufacturer’s quoted price. The default is to copy the manufacturer’s quoted price into base and sell.

The other issue the RFQ View solves is whether to use the agency’s part number or the Linear numbers.

Additionally, the Linear quote numbers are applied to the corresponding MFG Quote field in the OASIS quote. When the OASIS orders are created, the MFG Quote field is copied to the OASIS order.