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Last modified on 10/11/2017 7:03 AM by User.

Setup of LSI connectivity

This document describes the setup and connectivity to use OASIS to electronically communicate with LSI. Please contact OASIS support if you have any questions about the setup or features described in this document.


The LSI connectivity is implemented as a standard OASIS specialization. Begin by opening or creating an entry in OASIS for LSI.  

  • Select the Specialization “LSI”
  • Check the box that says "E-mail O2O". This will attach an o2o file to any quote requests and orders sent to LSI via email through OASIS.

Click the “Configure Specialization” to set the user name and password you received from LSI:

  • You will need to enter the Username and Password in your primary work group as well

Save the changes, then save and close the manufacturer entry.

Below is a power point that LSI provides.

10/11/2017 Welcome to GLAZE - Oasis.pptx