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Software»Accessing the Delete Log
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Last modified on 6/21/2018 11:56 AM by User.


Accessing the Delete Log

OASIS records transactions that are deleted by users through a “Delete Log” file. This file is accessible to Admin users of OASIS. An Admin user can select time frames, certain users or even select what type of transactions. Information provided includes the type of transaction, description, etc, and of course the user who deleted the transaction and the date deleted. 


Here is how to run the report: (Assuming you have Admin rights) 


  • Go Configuration, then Software
  • Then Click Reports (toolbar) and select “Delete Log”

  • The “Scan for deleted items…" window will appear.
  • Enter the Output To

  • (Optional) Enter a Title (drop-down menu) if the report if for a specific type of transaction.
  • (Optional) Enter a Title, useful when the report is ran for a specific type of transaction or user.
  • Timeframe – if none select will report on anything ever deleted.
  • (Optional) Select certain users if needed, if none selected it will report on all users.
  • Click Print