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Sending Orders to Eaton

OASIS can send orders to Eaton directly through Flash under the following circumstances:

  • The order must be fully released. Hold orders will have to be created through Flash through their current process.
  • The order must be a new order.  Currently, OASIS has no ability to send change orders to Eaton.  Orders will have to manually changed in both systems. 

OASIS Sends the following General Tab Information to Flash

  • Manufacturer
  • Customer
  • PO Number
  • Stamp- These appear as notes.
  • Lot net billing check box
  • End user PO- This is the Contractor's PO number for the contractor first program
  • Freight Account- Third party freight account.  See the "Third party Shipping" helpsheet
  • Don't Ship Before date-
  • Required on Site date-
  • MFG Quote- This is the RFQ number.  Please note this number needs to come from the quote.  OASIS must have the RFQ number as well as the line numbers associated with each part to successfully transmit an order that contains RFQ pricing. 
  • Account number:  This is the customers account number with Eaton.  Users will not be able to send an order successfully without an account number.

OASIS Sends the following Part information to Flash

OASIS sends the following information about parts.

  • Quantities
  • Brand
  • Type
  • Part Numbers
  • MFG Quote- Manufacturer quote number/line numbers needed to convert the RFQ in Flash and accept the special pricing. 
  • Price
  • Commission-- We DO NOT send commission.  Flash will calculate the commission once the order has been transmitted. In the instance where the commission calculation in OASIS differs from Flash OASIS will notify the user and ask if they wish to keep the commission that was sent or whether they want to update the commission inside of the OASIS order to match what is in Flash.

OASIS sends the following Address Information to Flash:

  • Shipping Address information-  If the user types in the job site or any other address, that address will transfer to Flash.  If the address in the distributor's shipping address in OASIS is used, we do not transmit the address.  Flash will use the address assigned to that distributor in Flash.  If there is any discrepancy between the address entered in your OASIS installation and the one on file in Flash.  The entry in Flash will need to be updated.  
  • Note on country code: If shipping to a Canadian address, please use the Flash country code of CA, not CAN. 
  • Alternate Shipping Address and Reason-  The Alternate address will transfer to the Eaton specific dialog box and then to Flash.  The reason to use the alternate address will appear in the notes. 
  • Markings- These will appear in SAP, the truck and the bill of lading. 
  • Call Ahead-  OASIS has one field and Flash has two.  OASIS will split the text portion of that field into the name field in Flash.  The numerical portion of the entry will go into phone number field in Flash

OASIS sends the notes tab information to Flash and SAP.

 When the order is ready to be transmitted, click on "Print." OASIS will bring up the Print PO box make sure the manufacturer PO says "Send Direct!" and click "Ok"

OASIS will bring up a preview screen that will allow the user to view the order,  send it to Eaton and print a copy of the order for their file. Click "Send Now."


OASIS will bring up the Eaton specific information dialog box. All of the information in the selection boxes comes from the Flash server. 

General Tab

Add the following General information: 

  • CUD Code-
  • Application-  All orders must have an application selected
  • Promotion-Choose a promo code
  • National Account-Add National Account information here
  • Reason-
  • Shipping Conditions-
  • Carrier-
  • Freight Terms-
  • Special Considerations-

Alt Address

OASIS will pull the Alt address from the Address Tab

Contractor First

OASIS will pull the End User PO # from the general tab and display it here. Choose the contractor from the list. 


Sending the order

There are multiple methods of sending the order

  • For Order with an RFQ, users can either submit the order as it is in OASIS or convert and send the RFQ in Flash.
  • For Orders without an RFQ, users can either
    • Submit- Saves the order in Flash and submits to SAP
    • Save Only!- Saves the order in Flash and must be submitted to SAP from Flash. OASIS will warn the user that the order must be submitted from Flash

OASIS will notify the user if the order was successfully sent.  If it is unable to successfully transmit the order, it will give the user an error.  Many of these errors are Flash server errors passed through OASIS.  Examples of common errors can be found in the helpsheets but most of the errors contain the following prefixes:

  • 1G
  • 2G

Most of the errors can be fixed by adjusting the information that is noted in the error.  i.e. No city in address etc.  If a user runs into an error that is unclear, please contact support.