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Downloading Invoices from Flash


Downloading Invoices from Flash

OASIS has the ability to download invoices from Flash.  OASIS will try to match the transactions based upon the PO number and Brand.  If it can, it will attempt to attach invoicing to individual part lines on the order.  if the original part number has been split out for shipment, OASIS may not be able to identify the individual part lines to attach the invoicing to.  If it cannot, then it will show attach the invoice and reflect the money inside of the order but the individual items being invoiced will not be shown in the transaction.  

Starting the download

Please note you may need to reset the download date to a particular day which can be done through the Cooper menu. 

NOTE – this process may take several minutes.

When the download starts:

When the download is complete:

OASIS will create invoices attaching them to corresponding order.  When the download complete, the download folder (window) will appear listing all the invoices downloaded but not applied.  The invoices may be printed or viewed as needed.

The invoice download folder

To view invoices in the folder go the invoices section and select "Show Invoice Download Folder" from the Tools menu. 

The invoice download folder

Each row of the folder shows high level information on one invoice. The customer, manufacturer (brand, normally), invoice number and “Notes”.

Notes will read as:

  • PO not found in OASIS – OASIS did not find a matching entry (PO). The manufacturer may have not keyed the PO number properly, or the PO may have been entered by electronically by the distributor or it may not match what is in OASIS


There are several options for managing the entries. 

  • Invoices that were “not found” may be printed and applied manually. By selecting the lines of the invoices you want to print and either selecting the print all or the print selected option.
  • You can go to Tools and move transactions – OASIS will attempt one last time to move or attach themselves to the PO by alternate matching however the invoice will still need to be manually applied. Open the invoice, print, then manually create a new invoice in OASIS. (OASIS Invoices)
  • If the matching transaction is not in Oasis, you can have Oasis create it from the invoice.
  • Once the invoice has been accounted for, highlight the invoice and press the trashcan on the toolbar to remove from the list

Managing this folder needs to be a weekly process.