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OASIS does not transmit the shipping information from the general tab of the order.  Users will enter the shipping information on the Eaton specific information screen that will launch when the user selects to send the order. 


Send the order by selecting the "Print" button.  OASIS will bring up the Print PO box.  The Manufacturer copy will show "Send Direct!" as the option ( If you do not see this option for a newly created order, there may be an issue with configuration. Contact support for assistance.) Choose "Ok"

OASIS will bring up a preview screen that will allow you to view the order before transmission and print a copy for your records if you choose.  Choose the "Send Now." 



OASIS will launch the Eaton specific information screen.  Add the shipping conditions and Carrier information.  Be sure to pick "Third Party" in the Freight terms. 


Submit the order to SAP or save the order in FLASH and submit from there.