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Last modified on 1/6/2016 9:08 AM by User.

Importing a Quote into OASIS from Flash

Exporting the quote from Flash

Locate your quote in Flash then choose to print the quote.  

OASIS can only accept one level of pricing.  Choose your level of pricing with commission such as “Internal Quote Print w/ Min, Target Max, unit price and comm.”  Cust1 Column with Qty and Commission. Double Check that the column of pricing you want is selected in the detail.  

Review the preview. (You will see your quote with pricing in the pane on the right.) Then go to the file menu and choose “Save As”.

Change the file type to “.txt”  The quote will automatically save to your Flash Temporary directory with the Flash quote number.  You can choose to save it anywhere by changing the save in directory. 



Open the project in OASIS or create it.  Go to the bid you wish to import the quote into. 


Choose to the “Import Flash Quote Option” from the Cooper menu. Locate your Flash export file from the pull down menu and then select your file. OASIS will remove the quote from your Flash export file.

OASIS will bring in and fill out as much information as it can.  If your manufacturer codes in OASIS do not match the codes in Flash it will not fill the manufacturers in and you may have to re add that data once you have imported the file.  

Complete your quote as normal in OASIS.