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Flash Integration Setup - Canadian Agents


This document shows how to configure OASIS to communicate with Flash. Agencies will only have access to manufacturers and brands that they are authorized to purchase. Quotes and orders for all manufacturers/brands should be transmitted electronically (Send Direct)

Setting up the connection and mapping brands

Parent Brand Entry

To access the Flash configuration in OASIS, Select manufacturers, then open the "Cooper" entry. This MUST be set up as a "Parent(shown)" entry.  Check the "Merge Brands" check box. If the specialization is not already set to "Flash", then select "Flash" in the drop down list - otherwise press the "Configure Specialization" link:

When the configure link is pressed the Flash configuration window will appear.

Select the "Settings" tab and check the "Canada Agent" box.  This must be done BEFORE completing any further set up.

Next, obtain the IP address or the name of the Flash server. Then create a "URL" from the server information as shown below:


Then press the "Add Brand" button:

Select only the Cooper brands matching the OASIS manufacturer entry you are working with. This process will need to be repeated to map all the Cooper brands to the corresponding OASIS entries.

Child Brands

A common question is whether or not each Cooper brand must be represented in OASIS. The answer is "not for OASIS purposes". However, Cooper has requested that agents create as many of the individual brands as possible as it is necessary for RFQ purposes.  Consider HALO: we recommend adding HALO as a manufacturer in OASIS. However the "HALO-Rec" and "HALO-Track" entries may be mapped to the one OASIS "HALO" entry.  What will not work is creating a single Cooper entry and trying to place all brands under that one entry.  

Users should create a Manufacturer entry for each child brand.  Select Cooper as the parent and click the "Merge Brands" check boxes for all brands that can be sent together in a single order. 

"Cooper Core" Manufacturers

The following Cooper manufacturers are part of the core Cooper lines. They should each have their own manufacturer entry in Oasis (or one entry with two brands mapped to it, as with Halo (HALO-Rec and Halo-Trac). These should have Cooper set as the parent company and have the "Merge Brands" box checked.

  • All Pro
  • All Pro Em
  • AP Ambient
  • Atlite
  • AtliteEmer
  • Cooper Ltg
  • CoopNeoray
  • Edison
  • Emerald
  • Fail-Safe
  • Flexilume
  • Halo Comm
  • HALO-Rec
  • HALO-Trac
  • HID Access
  • HID Lamps
  • Invue
  • Iris
  • Lumark
  • LumOutdoor
  • McGraw-Ed
  • Metalux
  • Metalux Re
  • MWS
  • Novitas
  • Paralux
  • Poles
  • Portfolio
  • Port-Incan
  • Regent
  • RSA Ltg
  • Shaper
  • Streetlght
  • Streetwork
  • Sure-Lites
  • SurlitePWR

Non "Cooper Core" Manufacturers

The following Cooper manufacturers are not part of the core Cooper lines and must be quoted and ordered independently in OASIS. These factories must also be setup slightly differently.  In the general tab "Merge Brands" CANNOT be checked.  They must also be set up differently in the configuration screen. Notice in the example below "Controls-Sensors-iLumin" appears just below the URL and above the brands. This indicates to OASIS the Flash will treat the manufacturer independently. (All core Cooper lines should say "Cooper" in this area.)

  • Ametrix
  • Corelite
  • IO Lighting
  • Neoray

Cooper Controls

Cooper Controls can be set up differently. Some agencies will set Cooper Controls up as "Parent(Shown)" but still mark Cooper as the parent company. Then they will set the child brands up with Cooper Controls as the parent company instead of Cooper. This gives an advantage for reporting purposes, allowing you to report on Controls only, but still have those brands included in Cooper reports.

  • C Controls
  • Ggate-Panel
  • Ggate-Sens
  • iLumin
  • Zero88/EDI