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Manufacturer Connectivity»Juno Connectivity»Sending an Order to Juno
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Last modified on 8/22/2012 9:25 AM by User.


Sending an Order to Juno


OASIS has the ability to send fully released orders directly to Juno through its explore JLG ecommerce site.  The orders will be created instantly and be visible on explore JLG ecommerce site.  Users will send 2 types of orders:

·         Project and Stock orders that do not have an RFQ with approved pricing from Juno

·         Project orders that have a RFQ pricing. 

Note:  National Account orders with Agreement pricing cannot be sent directly at this time.  You can send it through explore JLG ecommerce site or send it through your current Oasis email method.

Change orders cannot be sent directly to Juno.  You need to send change orders to Juno through you current Oasis email method.