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Sending a Project/Stock order without RFQ pricing


OASIS has the ability to send fully released orders directly to Juno through its explore JLG ecommerce site.  The orders will be created instantly and be visible on explore JLG ecommerce site.  Users will send 2 types of orders:

·         Project and Stock orders that do not have an RFQ with approved pricing from Juno

·         Project orders that have a RFQ pricing. 

Note:  National Account orders with Agreement pricing cannot be sent directly at this time.  You can send it through explore JLG ecommerce site or send it through your current Oasis email method.

Change orders cannot be sent directly to Juno.  You need to send change orders to Juno through you current Oasis email method. 

Sending an order (Without an RFQ) to Juno

OASIS is able to send orders that do not have active RFQ’s directly to Juno. If you have an active RFQ on a job, please see the helpsheet "Sending a Project order with RFQ pricing"

Enter your order as usual. You can combine all of the individual brands under a single Juno order. (If you need assistance in setting up your Juno Manufacturer entry, please contact support at 501-843-6750.)

Please note: the freight account field does carry over to Juno however the shipping choice (Juno carrier code) in the general screen does not carry over to Juno.  Users will have to select a shipping method on the Juno specific screen that appears during the order process. 


1.       Enter the order as usual. OASIS is able to send the following information to Juno


·         PO Number

·         Project Name

·         Stamp

·         Lot Net Billing

·         Freight Type

·         Freight Account

·         Don’t ship before

·         Required on Site

·         Account

·         Specifiers


2.       Enter your items (If not converted from a project). Enter any special notation for an item in the “Note” field such as special instructions or samples.  Note:  Customer will see this information on explore JLG ecommerce site.


3.       Check/Enter your addresses.


 ·     Distributor Shop address:  If the ship to address is the same as the distributor’s address in their OASIS customer entry, Juno will use the default ship to address for the customer.

·         On Site Shipping Address: If the address is changed, the changed address will be recorded.

·         Alternate addresses are NOT used for Juno

·         WILL CALL –Leave the Distributors ship to but select “Pick UP” shipping method in the Juno specific window.

Please Note:  Juno does not accept alternate addresses and they will not be transmitted.

4.      Add “Remarks”, “Notes” or “Shipping Instructions” to your order.  The Remarks and Notes information will not be seen by customers but Shipping Instructions will be seen by the customers.  When you are ready to place your order, select “Print.”

Note:  If you are requesting overage for the order, please make sure to notate the total overage amount you are expecting for this order in the “Notes” area.  This is the only way Juno would know if you are requesting overage or not.


5.        OASIS will show that it is ready to send directly to the manufacturer,choose “Ok.”

6.       OASIS will give you a view of what data you are sending to Juno.  Click “ Send Now”


7.        You will see a Juno specific window that allows you to select shipping (shipping from the general screen does not correspond to Juno’s carrier codes and they MUST be selected from this screen.).  If you have a valid effective promotion code, add the Promo codes in this screen.  Choose “Ok.”



8.        When the order is successfully sent, the user will see the SO number assigned in the JLG system. This number can be added to an acknowledgment shipping status.  For more assistance please view the adding shipping documents at our website which can be accessed easily through clicking on the      button available in the upper right hand corner of most screens.



9.        Your send window will also notify you that the order was successfully transmitted.


 Note:  Please make sure the Juno customer account ID is linked in the Account field in your customer set up.  If there is not an account ID defined, when sending the order directly to Juno, it will give you an error shown below that the order doesn’t have a specific account defined with Juno.