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Last modified on 7/30/2012 3:14 PM by User.


Catalog number assistance parts (Special Parts)


These parts will frequently result in an invalid part error messages because they are not in Juno’s system. Examples include:

o   Components

o   Replacement parts (components)

o   Specials

o   Catalog numbers that have not yet been set up in Juno’s system. 


Parts that are not already manufactured by Juno but might be configurable will have to be added as follows:

Juno can only accept this type of part from the description field in their system.  Users will need to put the part number or description in the Description field and notate the following in the Part number field.  Special 1. Juno can accept this designation but as they cannot accept the same part number on more than one line in each RFQ, the user will have to increment any following parts with Special 2, Special 3 etc.  See the example below.  Line 1 shows a part number with a description and Line 2 shows one with the requested configuration in the description field.


Please note:  if the quote confirmation changes the Special 1 part to an actual part number, please update Oasis with the actual part number.  When creating an order from the RFQ, the line will be converted accordingly.



Note:  When copying a RFQ to new RFQ in Oasis, the original RFQ would be closed.  If you change the new RFQ information in Oasis, you need to send the new RFQ to Juno again to get an updated RFQ number from Juno.  Once you send the new RFQ, Oasis will update the RFQ line with the new Juno RFQ number.