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Manufacturer Connectivity»Juno Connectivity»Sending a RFQ from the Order
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Last modified on 5/13/2016 12:13 PM by User.


Sending a RFQ from the Order


OASIS will not allow the transmission of an order with an Agency assigned RFQ number.  It will notify you that one does not exist and then let you send a new RFQ from the order.  Users will see the following popup



The MFGQuote, 633772-NC, is not approved for the customer in this order. 
Would you like to submit an RFQ for this customer at this time?

Yes - Submit RFQ to Juno

No - I have a valid RFQ already.  Cancel order submission.
         Note: Enter the correct Juno Quote Number in the MFG
        Quote field on the General tab and then resubmit the order to Juno.

Sending  a Customer Specific RFQ Request from Inside the Order.

This type of request is done behind the scenes in the order. There is no need to return to the quote as the items cannot be reconverted.  If you use this option, the RFQ number will not be updated in the quote and this will send the items that contained in the order as an RFQ request.

1.       Select “Yes” to send a customer specific RFQ request for this information. 

PLEASE NOTE:  you will not see a preview screen of the RFQ, all items on the order will be included in the RFQ. 

2.       You will see the following box popup with the customer specific RFQ number.



This will be the ONLY indication that your RFQ has been successfully sent. The order will display a FAILED indicator as the order was not sent.

Please Note: This is still an RFQ that must be viewed, approved and released for order.  You will receive an email from your Juno Quote Representative when this is done indicating that you can try to send the order at that time.

Sending a Customer Specific RFQ request from the Quote AFTER an order has been created with an Agency RFQ.

Users can choose to go back to the quote to send the RFQ request but it will NOT update or convert to the order.  The user will have to manually enter the Customer specific RFQ number in the MFG Quote field on the general tab of the order.  OASIS will copy it to all of the lines at the time the order is placed.

If the distributor user sets a rep up as serving in a territory, then that rep will receive the emails (from send message) instead of the manufacturer entry.