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Sending a Customer Specific RFQ

When you are ready to place the order, you must resend an RFQ with the winning customer selected so that Juno can release a customer specific RFQ for the order.  Orders can only be placed for Customer specific RFQs. 

1.       Reopen your existing quote in OASIS.  Users will select a “Winning” customer by going to the Customer’s tab. Highlight the winning distributor as shown below and select the winning contractor.  If there is no contractor then select “Win.”


2.   OASIS shows WIN on the selected entries and turns the header of the quote an aqua blue as shown below.



3.        OASIS will ask you if you want to change the quote status to “Order Pending.”  Choose “Yes”


4.        OASIS will ask what closed the sale. Enter information, if desired.

    5.        Once the bill of material is completed (including  the selected customer), select the “Print” button.


6.       Choose the “Request for Quote” option as the print type. 

7.        Select all Juno brands listed and choose “Next” (Users have Juno parent and child brands set up,  will still have to check all brands showing on the screen to send them on the same RFQ)


8.        Add a Stamp and a message, if desired, for the Juno Quote Representative. Select Print.

Note:  If you are requesting overage for the quote, please make sure to notate the total overage amount you are expecting for this order in the “Message to Manufacturer” area.  This is the only way Juno would know if you are requesting overage or not.


9.        If target pricing information is not entered, OASIS will ask if the user wants to use the values currently in the Sell column on the quote.  Choose the desired option.

10.   OASIS will ask if the user wants to send directly to the factory.  Choose “Yes.”


11.    Review the presented quote and then choose “Send Now”

12.    Once the RFQ is sent successfully, OASIS will show the RFQ number assigned to the quote in Juno’s JLG system.  OASIS will reflect this RFQ number as it is provided to us (versus the agency quote that will have a “-NC” added to the end.) Example Below.


13.   Additionally if the RFQ is successfully sent you will see the “Successfully sent transaction to factory message.”


14.   OASIS will update the RFQ number to the new Customer Specific RFQ number.  You may proceed with creating the order once you have received notification from Juno that your quote has been released for order.


15.   You are ready to convert your order in the usual manner.