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Sending an RFQ to Juno


OASIS has the ability to send RFQ’s electronically to Juno through their JLG system.  This allows users to continue working in OASIS and gives the Juno Quote Representatives the data in the format they need.  Currently, we do not have the ability to receive electronic responses from Juno but that may be a future enhancement. (Currently in progress)  Users will continue to receive the emailed Juno RFQ Responses which will have to be manually entered into the quote.


 Users can send RFQ’s with the following types of requested items.

·         Standard parts (those that can be regularly priced on the JLG system) for which the user needs a reduced price to be competitive for project business. Users enter this type of item as they would normally.

·         A part number description with a request for catalog number assistance.  The user is essentially asking whether a part can be manufactured.  In this instance, the user will have to alter the method they use to enter this type of item so that Juno’s JLG system can accept it.  Examples include:

o   Components

o   Replacement parts (components)

o   Specials

o   Catalog numbers that have not yet been set up in Juno’s system.  

Standard Juno RFQ Process with OASIS Integration


The Standard Juno RFQ and order process is as follows:

Agency RFQ -1st Step


In the Project quotes, Agents send an RFQ through OASIS RFQ process without a “Winning” customer because they don’t know who it will be at that point in the project.

JLG Creates an “Agency” quote using the agent’s sample account.  Juno Quote Representatives approve the quote and send their response by email.

The user will enter the quoted pricing into their quote.

Please Note: An Agency quote is NOT orderable.  Users MUST request a Customer Specific RFQ.

Customer Specific RFQ- Second Step


ALL orders that are using RFQ pricing MUST have a Customer specific RFQ.

Agents will request a Customer Specific RFQ by opening the existing quote, selecting a “Winning” customer and resending the RFQ to Juno for review and release.  OASIS will send the Agency RFQ number with your request so that pricing will be moved to the new quote. 

Once the Customer Specific RFQ is released, the user can convert and transmit the order as they usually would in OASIS.  It will correspondingly convert the RFQ in Juno’s system.