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Last modified on 8/31/2016 10:47 AM by User.


Juno Pricing


Users now have the ability to access agent and customer specific pricing for individual Juno parts in OASIS.  OASIS will currently have the same pricing features available now to agents in Juno’s ecommerce program.  This means that we will be able to show pricing but will not yet have access to the complex commission structure Juno uses.   Pricing is good for 24 hours which means that OASIS will query Storefront daily for updated pricing. 

How it works

Once configured, the pricing is automatic. Users enter one of the configured Juno brands in the manufacturer column and start typing in the part number; OASIS will query Storefront for pricing behind the scenes.   OASIS will notify users that it is pulling pricing with the following notification box that will appear at the bottom right hand of the user’s screen. The user can continue working, and OASIS will pull in the correct pricing behind the scenes. 




Users will be able to pull Agency Level Pricing in quotes by typing in the part number.  Once the first user gets the pricing for a part, it is then available for all other users for the rest of the calendar day without having to query the Storefront again. Users will be able to pull customer specific pricing inside of quotes by choosing a winning customer and selecting reprice from the tools menu as shown below. 



Orders converted from a project will use the pricing from the project regardless of whether it is agent specific, manufacturer quoted, or customer specific pricing.  For stock orders (orders created without a quote), OASIS will send the customer account number to Storefront and will receive customer specific pricing for the part.