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This document describes the XML data used by OASIS internally to indicate order shipping status. The format is:

generated by the distributor and sent to a representative
  • generated by the manufacturer version of OASIS and transmitted to the Representative version of OASIS
  • sent from the Representative version to the Distributor version.
The definition may be used to do basic validation of the XML. For more information, please contact OASIS Support


The XSD is downloadable here: O2O-OrderStatus.xsd


The example is downloadable here: OrderStatusExample.xml

Please note that the file suffix of .o2o is used to indicate the file content is a native OASIS document. Otherwise, it is possible the file may be rejected, especially if the file is to be manually "dropped" onto the oasis application.

Field Descriptions

The following fields are defined

NewOrderType Fields

Name Description Data Values
DocumentDate Date the document was created date
From Business entity the quote is being sent from: See PartyType  
FromDBID Database ID assigned by Ingen Software (don't make anything up - results are not predictable.) string:32
To Business entity the quote is being sent to. See PartyType  
YourQuoteID Used to identify quote uniquely in OASIS integer
MyPOID Used to uniquely identify the PO in OASIS integer
MyPODBID Used to uniquely identify the PO in OASIS string:32
PONumber The customer PO number string:32
EntryDate The order "entry" date date
SoldTo Sold to name and address See PartyType
BillTo Bill to name and address See PartyType
ShipTo Ship to name and address See PartyType
Lines The lines of the order See OrderStatusLineType


Name Description Data Values
v OASIS version being used MUST BE '2.7.0'
dbv OASIS database version being used string:32
r OASIS version release string:32

PartyType Fields

Name Description Data Values
NAME Company Name string:255
LINE1 Address line 1 string:255
LINE2 Address line 2 string:255
CITY City Name string:255
STATE State of provence string:2
COUNTY County string:32
COUNTRY Country string:3 - prefer ISO code
Contacts Listing of contacts. See ContactType.  

ContactType Fields

Name Description Data Value
FullName Name of contact string:32
EMail Email address for contact string:32
Phone Contacts phone number string:32

OrderLineType Fileds

Name Description Data Value
OrderLineCode Omit or blank if part/fixture. Otherwise indicates note, lot or other line code  
MyLineUID Internal OASIS line identifier integer
YourLineUID Internal OASIS line identifier integer
Quantity Count of items decimal:12,2
FixtureType Fixture type string:32
MyManufacturerID Manufacturer ID used by the sender. string:32
CatalogNumber The catalog number only (no description, etc.) string:128
Description Marketing description of the item string
Notes Build and other notes about fixture string
UnitQuantityCount For "per 100" pricing, use the value 100. Defualt is 1. decimal
PartQuantity Lable for quantity (e.g. foot, meter, etc). No standards string:32
ReleaseQuantity Number of items to release for shipment initially. Enter 0 for the item to be on hold pending release. integer
Shipments Listing of OrderStatusShipmentType. Do not use if "Lines" is populated.  
Lines Listing of OrderStatusLine to indicate partial item shipment (e.g. the bolts are shipping for a pole). Do not use if "Shipments" is populated.  

ContactType Fields

Name Description Data Value
Quantity Nubmer of items shipped or scheduled to ship integer
DateType 1=schedule date; 2=actual shipment with all fields provided integer
MFGSalesOrder The factory sales order number string:32
Date Schedule date (DateType=1) or actual ship date (DateType=2) date
SCAC Highly prefer the standardized carrier code, but the carrier name can be used if the standardized carrier code can not be provided or does not exist. (Required if DateType=2.) string:32
PRONumber The PRO or tracking number as provided by the carrier. NOTE: Intermediate ship-to locations (e.g. international shipments) should not be sent. (Required if DateType=2.) string:32

A short code representing the factory warehouse. Typically the city and or state code. The goal is to help the end user of the information estimate the shipping time from the warehouse to the job site. (Required if DateType=2.)