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Sending and Receiving RFQs


To send an RFQ to H.E. Williams, open the quote you wish to send and click the "Print" button. On the print screen, select the print option for "Manufacturer Request for Quotation". On the print options, select your HEW manufacturer, and enter any notes necessary then click "Print."

To receive an RFQ response, you will need the RFQ number provided by HEW. If you do not have that number, there is a method of searching for it in the RFQ dialog. Open up a quote with an RFQ for HEW, and click the "RFQ" button in the toolbar. You will see a window similar to below. Either enter your quote response number in the box at the top, or enter a date range and hit "go" to view a list of available responses. You can select the line and the appropriate quote number will copy to the text box. Hit "Ok" to download that response.

Once your RFQ downloads, a window will appear where you can select the current RFQ, or choose another RFQ from a different Manufacturer or download date.

Opening up an RFQ from HEW will show similar to the following screen. You can then select the price column to compare the downloaded pricing to, as well as which column to place the downloaded pricing into.