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Manufacturer Connectivity»H.E. Williams»Setting up H.E. Williams
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Setting up H.E. Williams

Configuring OASIS

Start by opening or creating the Manufacturer entry in OASIS for H.E. Williams. Once open, make sure that they are active, then in the Specialization drop down, select "HE Williams".

To setup the HEW specialization, use the following settings:

After this has been setup you will need to setup your login credentials.

 Go to the home page and click on HEW menu at the top, click HEW and Then Set Login

Next enter the credentials provided by HEW and click OK to save.

Services (Pricing/RFQ/Invoices)

  • Service URL:
  • Agent ID: provided by HE Williams. Each workgroup can have a different Agent ID as needed.

Invoice Download

  • Last Download Date: change the download date to the day you wish the downloads to start
  • Download days: set the number of days of invoices you wish to download (default is 7)

Part Configurator

  • Use Old Browser: if you have issues with the look and feel of the configurator, try this option to use an alternate browser.
  • Configurator: enter the configurator url provided by HEW 
Once the setup is correct, click save and then save and close the MFG entry window.