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Sending a manufacturer breakout using O2O to a distributor


Sending and O2O quote and an O2O manufacturer breakout sends nearly the same information. The only difference is the manufacturer breakout will allow the recipient to easily add a lot line for each manufacturer (brand) when the quote is lot priced only.

To send an O2O manufacturer breakout, first follow the basic O2O setup and then print a manufacturer breakout using Send Message.

Table of Contents
  1. Complete the Quote

Complete the Quote

Complete a quote to show the required pricing. Please remember that when printing a manufacturer breakout, all lot and profit lines must be assigned to a manufacturer or flagged for billing by OASIS (e.g. set as a resell item):

Press any of the print buttons:

Press "MFG Breakout"

Select the customer and press Next:

Select any required print options (remember if you print units, the o2o file will also have units). Press print:

The standard breakout print will show as the first attachment. The second attachment will be the .o2o file - just click on it once to see the contents:

Press "Send" to email to the customer.