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OASIS is able to connect to Leviton's ASAP online system design website. Once you have your design in ASAP, you are able to pull the design into an OASIS quote.


Before you are able to link to ASAP, you must first setup OASIS to link your Leviton code in OASIS to their system. Begin by opening the Leviton manufacturer entry in OASIS:

Next, set the "Specialization" entry to "Leviton" (as shown above). There is nothing more to configure - just press "Save and Close".

Using ASAP

Begin by creating a quote and typing "Leviton" in the manufacturer entry on the quote:

Once any cell on the line with the manufacturer of "Leviton" is selected, you are able to access ASAP by selecting "Tools" then "Configurator":

If this is your first time to login to ASAP today, you will need to select "Login" at the top right and provide your ASAP login (not your OASIS login).

At this time, you are in ASAP with OASIS suspended in the background. Configure you Leviton system as required - here is our simple example:

When you are ready to import into OASIS, select "File" then "Export (Oasis)":

The system design will be loaded into the OASIS RFQ response system, allowing you to first view the system major devices before loading directly into the OASIS quote:

If you press close, the information will be kept in OASIS as an attachment. You can open the attachment there or show the screen above by pressing the "RFQ" button in the OASIS quote tool bar.

If you do press import, the lines will be loaded into the OASIS quote as normal:

(In this example, the system resulted in 2 items and a quote for freight resulting in the line items being appended to the quote.)