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Receiving an Order from a Distributor


Receiving an O2O order from a distributor is as easy as dragging and dropping a file. The advantage is that OASIS does most of the data entry for you!

Saving the O2O Data File

For most email clients, the O2O data file has to be saved to the local computer first. What is nice is most email clients support dragging and dropping the o2o file icon to the local computer desktop:

Most email clients have other methods of saving email attachments to the local computer.

Importing the O2O file

The o2o import is as simple as a drag and drop. The easiest is to simply drop the o2o file into the orders section of OASIS. However, we do recommend searching for the project in OASIS and dropping the .o2o file directly on the project bill of material. This ensures the system finds, links and pulls the project information into the order properly - even if the project name has changed at the last minute:

The New Order create screen shows first (even if the order already exists in OASIS - the search for a duplicate PO will happen next):

If this is the first o2o file sent from the distributor, you will be asked to map the codes in the distributor's database to your - just use the "..." button to select the corresponding distributor in your database.

You will also be asked to map the manufacturer ID in the rep's system to the manufacturer ID in your system - even if you only have one brand for the entire company:

Press "Ok" to start the import:

Select order type - this example will use the "Commissioned" order type.

The O2O "Create new order from quote" screen will appear next. This screen confirms the actions that will be taken on each line of the new order. Please closely review the "Notes" field and the Sell price. The "Notes" field is a description of the action OASIS will take (e.g. line will be on new order; line on quote, but will not on order, etc.). The Sell price will always be what was indicated on the quote. If this is not to be the case, you will have to either update the quote and retry the command, or adjust the order.

Also note that the "Releasing" column is copied from the order data received from the distributor.

Press the "Create" button to create the order.

The header information is merged with the quote information and then updated from any information from the distributor. Just key over any information that needs to be adjusted. Same for the ordered items:

Process the order normally from here (e.g. email to the manufacturer or send direct using EDI or other internet technology).