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Receiving a Quote Breakout


Receiving a quote response from a representative is as easy as drag and drop. The advantage is OASIS dose most of the data entry for you!

Saving the O2O Data File

For most email clients, the O2O data file has to be saved to the local computer first. What is nice is most email clients support dragging and dropping the o2o file icon to the local computer desktop:

Most email clients have other methods of saving email attachments to the local computer.

Importing the O2O file

The o2o import is as simple as a drag and drop. The easiest is to simply drop the o2o file into the Projects section of OASIS:

The import window will show next. This allows you to be sure that the proper file has been selected (e.g. this is the spec registration for "New Mall"). Although the image shows the file being dropped into the project listing, most users will open the project associated with the quote and drop the file onto their quote bill of material. This selects the exact quote you would like to merge the quote response with.

Once the file is accepted by OASIS, the O2O preview / import screen shows:

Press the Import button. If the o2o file was not dropped directly on a quote (showing the bill of material in the quote editor), then OASIS will search for the quote - all matches are show:

Just select the quote to import the quote response into and press Ok. If this is the first quote response received from this representative, you will be asked to map their brand codes to your codes in OASIS. Just select the manufacturer name in the "Manufacturer" field:

The quote import screen will show next. A summary of the response is shown with the ability to compare the received response to the quote in OASIS. The bill of material from the representative is shown and OASIS will attempt to map the representative response at the line level. Anywhere the lines are different (e.g. price or catalog number) will have a yellow background:

Import as REP Lines

For most users, select the "Import REP Line Only" feature and press "Import". This will create a rep line on the quote, allowing you to quickly compare the response from multiple reps at once:

The total price of the quote is added on a rep line using the representative's short code (as setup in OASIS). The quote number and expiration date is shown as a note in the part column:

Import as Cost

The other option is to import directly into Cost, allowing you to quickly mark up the cost and respond to the customer:

Press the import button and (after applying a 15% markup) the quote might look like this: