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Sending a Request for Quote to a Representative


For most jobs, it is easiest to send the lighting schedule to the representative(s) and keep a copy of the lighting schedule in OASIS as an attachment. (Let the representatives worry about catalog numbers.)

There are cases where there is a need to identify a manufacturer and item (even if it is just a series identification) in OASIS and send the request for quotation to the representative for the manufacturer. This document shows how this may be accomplished using O2O, allowing the representative to more quickly respond to your request.

Create the Quote

Create a quote as normal. If an item needs to be unit priced and you need to indicate that the manufacturer should meet a given price for the item, key the price (the target price) into the MFG Target column (this is optional):

Press any of the print buttons:

Press "Request for Quotation":

Set Output To to be "Send Message". Then select the manufacturer you need to send an RFQ to. Press "Next":

The attention will default to the "Quoter" setup for the manufacturer or the related representative for the office (on the manufacturer's "representatives" tab). Press the "..." button to change who the RFQ will be sent to. Most users add a note describing what is required on the project and any required price targets. Then press Print:

The standard price request form is always created (above). Click on the .o2o file to see a view of the raw data to be sent to the manufacturer:

If everything appears normal, press "Send".