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Receiving an Invoice from the Manufacturer


Follow these steps when an O2O file is received with an invoice. An invoice will be created and applied to the related order.

Saving the O2O Data File

For most email clients, the O2O data file has to be saved to the local computer first. What is nice is most email clients support dragging and dropping the o2o file icon to the local computer desktop:

Most email clients have other methods of saving email attachments to the local computer.

Importing the O2O file

The o2o import is as simple as a drag and drop. The easiest is to simply drop the o2o file into the Orders or Invoices section of OASIS:

The import window will show next. This allows you to be sure that the proper file has been selected (e.g. this is the spec registration for "Museum Project"):

If this is the first time you have received O2O data from the manufacturer, you will be asked to map the manufacturer's internal codes to your codes for the manufacturer in OASIS:

An error will be shown when

  • The invoice is already in OASIS
  • The order is not found
  • The invoice matches multiple orders in OASIS for the same manufacturer

In these cases, the invoice must be created manually. However, if the invoice is applied properly, the invoice editor will be shown next:

In some cases, the order may not be found - try dropping the .o2o file on the "Items" tab of the actual order. If this does not work, then the invoice will have to be created manually.