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Sending an Order Status Update to the Distributor

Sending an Order Status Update to the Representative


Sending an order status update using O2O is as easy as sending an order status update email. Be sure to perform the basic O2O setup first.

Update the Order

Open the order with a shipping update:

Add a schedule or shipping line to the item as normal. (The only difference between a schedule and an actual ship date is an actual ship data also has a SCAC and Tracking number.

Email the Order Status

Once the shipping information has been updated, print the order:

Select "Send Message" and "Customer Shipping Status" then press "Ok":

If the customer is setup to receive raw data, an O2O file is attached to the message. Please note that dollar amounts will not show in the order status (shipping) O2O files sent from the representative or manufacturer to an end customer. Only shipping information is sent.