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Last modified on 7/16/2018 10:39 AM by User.


Changing the Order Visibility Date


User Question:  I have an order that has been a hold for release for a little over a year ago.  It was released and shipped in November.  Our customer is now going to our web site to review the job and it looks like it now is no longer available to be viewed on the web site.  Is there a window of time the order is available on the web?

Answer:  There is a window of time that the information is viewable and this is controlled by the OASIS admin user.  Following are instructions on how to change the time frame information.


To change the setting login as an admin user to OASIS, go to Configuration section and click on Software.

Under Global Preferences there is a Settings link.  Click on the Settings link.

A new window will appear and select the Web Tab (screen shot below)

There you can make the necessary changes.


After the changes are made you will need to restart the web service.

For the Customer Order visibility, setting counts the number of days from the entry date of the order.