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Sending an Invoice to the Representative


Sending a copy of an invoice to a representative using O2O is as easy as sending an email. Be sure to perform the basic O2O setup first.

Create the Invoice

Create the invoice as normal and send the invoice normally (email, printed, etc.):

Email the Order Status

Print the invoice and select "Send Message":

Select any required invoice options and press "Ok":

Select the .o2o file to see what is about to be sent to the rep.

Common Questions

If the representative email is not created by OASIS, then you will need to return to the order to ensure the representative shows in the "Agency Splits" section on the order.

It is possible for up to three representatives to be referenced on an order. An email for each representative will be create when printing an invoice for such an order. (Only one email will be sent to "Arkansas Rep" as it is the only rep on the order.)