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Running out of memory (Unable …
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Last modified on 3/26/2012 7:25 AM by User.


Running out of memory (Unable to allocate a multi-page block of memory)


User reports: The operating system runs out of memory (or another application on the server besides OASIS indicates a low memory situation).

User reports: Internal database error *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 101413[oasis] (
                                 Unable to allocate a multi-page block of memory -- transaction rolled back



The problem is the database is attempting to allocate more memory for the data cache and the operating system is unable. There are two solutions:

BEST: Add more memory to the computer

Alternate: Cap the database cache memory using the -ch switch with the ASA database engine. (e.g. -ch 100M to cap the memory to 100 MB). Capping the data cache size in ASA may cause OASIS to run more slowly.


Note the value in options (-ch 100MB) will cap the memory use to 100 MB. This may cause OASIS to run more slowly.