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Receiving a Spec Registration



Follow these steps when an O2O file is received with a spec registration. The resulting quote will be updated including the bill of material, project alias names, participating reps and other information.

Saving the O2O Data File

For most email clients, the O2O data file has to be saved to the local computer first. What is nice is most email clients support dragging and dropping the o2o file icon to the local computer desktop:

Most email clients have other methods of saving email attachments to the local computer.

Importing the O2O file

The o2o import is as simple as a drag and drop. The easiest is to simply drop the o2o file into the Projects section of OASIS:

The import window will show next. This allows you to be sure that the proper file has been selected (e.g. this is the spec registration for "Museum Project"):

If this is the first o2o file sent from the rep, you will be asked to map the codes in the representative's database to yours. Just use the "..." button to select the corresponding rep in your database:

You will also be asked to map the manufacturer ID in the rep's system to the manufacturer ID in your system - even if you only have one brand for the entire company:

The mappings for the representative and the manufacturer codes are saved to the OASIS database - you will no longer be asked when a new o2o file is sent from this representative. However, you will be asked if an o2o is sent from another representative - but only one time.

Next you will see the project screen:

At a minimum, the following data is filled out for the project:

  • Project Name with any aliases sent by the representative
  • Any specifiers that were sent.
  • The o2o file is stored as a file in the attachments tab
  • The bill of material is updated
  • The representative is added to the customers tab, allowing you to quickly track all reps on the job and update them when you receive new information.

If the project already exists, the existing project is updated. The standard project name searches are used to find the project in the system - which works in most cases. However, it may make sense to do a full search and drag the o2o directly into any existing project.

Color coding on the catalog numbers begins immediately, allowing you to see if the item is in a price list or even if the item matches a series, but violates a series rule.

Updating All Representatives

When you receive an update to the project, you are able to quickly update all reps by simply printing the project. But first, switch to the Customers tab and ensure all representatives on the job are recorded there:

Simply click "Add Representative" if other reps need to be added to the project.

Next, press any of the print buttons:

Select "Specification Registration":

Consider using "Send Message" to update all representative at one time via email (easier than faxing). Also select the brand you would like to update them on (just in case you have multiple reps in a territory with different brands). Then press "Next":

Type any note and press "Print":

All reps will show with emails prepared (not sent) and ready for your review. (The current release also show the manufacturer brand, this will be removed in the future.)

For representatives marked "Send o2o" will also receive the project as an o2o file.

Press "Send" to transmit the email with the pdf and o2o files.

The rep only needs to follow the steps above to import the o2o file into their system.