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Last modified on 1/22/2016 2:00 PM by User.

Juno Pricing/Inventory Configuration

Define the Location of the Juno Service

1)      Edit the Juno manufacturer entry

2)      Choose “Juno” as the Specialization option and click “Configure Specialization”

3)      Enter the URL values below if they are not already present.

Price and Availability tab:

Order and Quote tab:

For the Order and Quote URL you will want to keep the information as beta until instructed by Juno to change the "qa" to "www" .

Note: If you are a Canadian agency, please make sure that you check the “Canada Agency” box.

Note: DO NOT click on the "Use Juno's Order and Quote Service" box until your connectivity has been turned on by Juno.  

Note: If you have set up all of the Juno brands, you will need to set up parent/child chaining so that you can access the connectivity.  Please make sure that you adjust the active drop down for Juno to “Parent (Shown)” and click on the merge brands check box.  You do NOT have to set up all of the Juno brands. In that instance, leave Juno as active and put all pricing in the Juno price list.


Important: Go to the Terms tab. On the Order Terms sub tab, for the Account Required for Order setting select "Do Not Allow" from the drop down menu.

Important: All of the child brands like Controls, Indy, Acculite, Aculux, Navilite and Danalite must show Juno as the parent and have merge brands checked.  


Important: Don't forget to adjust the Account Required for Order option on the Terms tab for each brand. 

Add Customer Account Numbers

Prior to using the Juno connectivity, you will need to add your customer account numbers to the Juno manufacturer entry. (If you don’t have the parent-child chaining set up but you have multiple brands for Juno in your system, it is recommended that you set it up. If you do not, then you will have to add the account numbers to each brand entry. If you have a single Juno entry, you will add all account numbers to the accounts tab as normal.)

1)      Go to the Accounts tab and select the new account button.

2)      Select the customer from your distributor list and type in the account number in the account field. 

Creating the Juno Price List and Priming the Price List

1)      Go the Manufacturers > Pricing and select Juno (or any of the other brands that you will be quoting.)

2)      Choose New > New Price List from the file menu (as shown below)

3)      Select preferences from the File menu, and choose the following columns:

  • Part
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Price 1
  • Effective End


4)      Open the catalog number file from Juno.  (If you don't have the file, go to the Reports/Tools - Download Item Information located on Juno's eCommerce website)

Paste the following information in the following columns.

Juno Spreadsheet column

OASIS Column

Manufacturer Item Number

MFG Part

Catalog Item Number


Item Description (if available)


5)      Go to the Level Names tab to name the Price column as "Agent" and select the Quote and Order Paths.

6)    Save and Close to activate the price list. Your price list is now primed for use.

** If you are an agency with multiple territories and pricing, you will need to contact Ingen for more assistance when setting up the price list.